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4 Job Search Tips for New Software Engineers

Entering the job market as a new Software Engineer can be a challenging endeavor. Here are some job search tips for new software engineers.

Take LinkedIn Seriously

Fill out your LinkedIn profile as best you can.

I have applied directly to many jobs outside of LinkedIn. However, all the jobs I have received and accepted so far, except one, originated from my LinkedIn profile.

Avoid Consulting Companies

For your first job, avoid consulting companies if you can. Get a job at a company that is building and selling its own software products.

Many consulting companies move people between customer projects frequently. This project instability often creates an unfavorable environment for mentorship and skill/career growth.

Consider Lesser-Known Companies

Do not limit your job search to well-known multinational companies.

Many lesser-known software companies do great software engineering work and provide fair compensation. Be on the lookout for these hidden gems.

Learn Python

Learn Python, particularly for coding interviews.

Many interviewers understand Python’s relatively simple syntax. With Python, you can get more done in less time and with fewer keystrokes compared to programming languages like Java and C/C++. The time savings add up quickly in a coding interview.

There are many more useful tips that may improve your job search experience. However, the four tips in this post are some important things to consider as you begin your job search.

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