Books I have read completely, or in part.


Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas Cormen et al.


Eloquent Javascript by Marijn Haverbeke

Introduction to C and Software Design by Tim Bailey

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

Modeling Software Behavior: A Craftsman’s Approach by Paul C. Jorgensen

Concepts of Programming Languages by Robert W. Sebesta

Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms by Allen Tucker and Robert E. Noonan

Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python by Joel Grus


Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity by Keith Sawyer

Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide by Bill Phillips and Brian Hardy

Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S. Skiena

The Creativity Formula: 50 Scientifically Proven Creativity Boosters for Work and Life by Amantha Imber

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch by Joe Casabona

Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Science of the Mind by Jose Luiz Bermudez